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A Touch of Silver - Norwood, CO

A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
A Touch of Silver
Dinosaur Bone Stones
Ethiopian Geod Opal

Name of Person: Matthew Fortune, Silversmith, Jeweler, Lapiderest, Collector


A Touch of Silver is a unique little shop on main street in downtown Norwood, CO. Matthew Fortune keeps a  variety of items to look at including necklaces, rings, earrings, clothing, lotions, candles and much more. The shop features his own polished stones and gems in his hand-made settings. He also carries loose stones and gems, as well as his hand-made tie-dyed clothing.

Full Explanation

Matthew Fortune was born on the Jersey Shore, and now lives in Norwood, CO. Norwood is about two hours Northeast of the four corners monument. Matthew was a straight A art student in high school. Skilled in drawing, painting, silversmithing, building, gardening, and stone cutting. Most recently Matthew opened his first store on the main drag in Norwood. Matthew focuses mostly on jewelry these days and has a huge passion for natural rocks and crystals. Matthew makes crystal jewelry and natural rock jewelry with stones he cuts by hand. Matthew is very passionate about mother nature and the environment. Matthew has a very green thumb and a green way of thinking and living. Being driven by the spirit of art and nature. Staying very busy keeps Matthew awake and away from the typical t.v. lifestyle. Matthew's art and creativity is what keeps him in check with life and nature.  His store is open from Monday-Friday, 12 p.m to 6 p.m.

For More Information, Contact:

Matthew Fortune

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Latitude: 38.130546000
Longitude: -108.292303700
Elevation: 7012 FT (2137 M)
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