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Angel Peak Scenic Area

Angel Peak

Angel Peak Scenic Area offers more than 10,000 acres of rugged terrain known for its scenic and scientific wonders. The nearly 7,000-foot Angel Peak, a landmark composed of river deposited sandstone is visible for miles in any direction. However, the beauty and color of the badlands at the base of Angel Peak are only fully revealed to those who take the short journey along the rim.

The panoramic view of the canyon from the rim offers a spectacular glimpse into the earth’s past. This landscape has been more than 60 million years in the making. Various species of fish, lizards, turtles, crocodiles, and rodents, as well as mammals, once called the Angel Peak area home. Remnants of these mammals' fossils and petrified wood can be found while exploring the area.

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, photography, wildlife watching, camping and picnicking are all options for visitors to Angel Peak. While formal hiking trails in the area are limited, hiking opportunities are abundant along the rim.

Seasons Accessible

It is important to note the gravel road leading into the area may become impassible in bad weather, otherwise it is a beautiful and accessible spot year round!

Fees: None

For More Information, Contact:

Farmington BLM Field Office
1235 La Plata Highway, Suite A, Farmington, NM 87401

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Latitude: 36.523190900
Longitude: -107.932391200
Elevation: 6565 FT (2001 M)
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