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  Community Involvement

El Morro Valley Community

The community rallies for the raising of the bell tower on the newly painted Old School Gallery
The Maypole dance and drum circle at the May Day Celebration, May 1, 2010 at the OId School Gallery.
Ramah Farmers' Market offers opportunity for local farmers, ranchers, gardeners, artists and volunteers.
Artistic conception of the future Co-op Grocery Store, as envisioned by an El Morro Valley Co-op member
Volunteers cleaning one of the wolves dens at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

In the Land Where Dreams Take Wing & Fly, the most remarkable, amazing aspect of El Morro Valley, besides the wild natural beauty, the ancient history and Anasazi ruins, is the amazing community that calls this remote place home. This rural community of sparsely scattered homesteaders, artists & entrepreneurs in remote El Morro Valley are a very unique collection of community minded individuals.  Residents have united together over the years to create four remarkable community organizations that depend on community involvement:

How to Participate


The El Morro Area Arts Council and Old School Gallery is a community organization that offers residents and visitors a wide range of community involvement opportunities, such as a Summer Youth Arts Program, quarterly art exhibitions for local artists, handcraft workshops, a theater group , book club, morning yoga and tai-chi, piano and dance lessons, folk dancing, Open Mic night for local performind artists, craft fairs, festivals, a wide variety of volunteer opportunities & the list goes on.


Ramah Farmers' Marketis a community organization that offers local ranchers, farmers, gardeners, and artists the opportunity to sell their wares every Saturday Morning from June - Sept in the shade of an old grove of cottonwoods, 1 mile west of Ramah, NM.  Gardeners who have small quantities of produce to sell, but do not want to set up as a vendor can market thier produce at the Community Table, where volunteers will sell their produce for them, without a commission.

El Morro Valley Cooperativeis a community organization that offers involvement in the creation of a community owned and operated grocery store.  We are presently in the exciting stage of purchasing the building and then creating the actual store within. The cooperative needs alot of community support and volunteers to help turn this dream into a reality.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary since it's beginning, has depended almost entirely on volunteers to maintain and improve the lives of the animals in our care. Many volunteer opportunities exist depending on a person's skills, enthusiasm, and commitment.

If you are interested in volunteering at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, please read through this section of the website carefully. Any questions that you may still have can be directed to our volunteer coordinator, Angel, through email at 

Weekend Warriors

"Weekend Warriors" are individuals, groups, or scout troops that commit for a few hours, a weekend, or longer to help out with specific projects at the Sanctuary.
To learn more about how to become one of our Weekend Warriors, please visit here.

Long-term volunteers

Long-term volunteers are able to offer a lengthier commitment. These volunteers are picked from a pool of applicants to live on-site for twelve weeks or longer and help with the daily care of animals and upkeep of the Sanctuary. To learn more about how to become one of our Long-term Volunteers, please visit here.


As you can clearly see, with these four El Morro Valley Community Organizations that offer such a wide range of community involvement, there is no good reason to be inactive and feel bored or useless in El Morro Valley.

For More Information, Contact:

Genevieve Humenay
El Morro, NM 87321
(505) 783-4710

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Latitude: 35.044719200
Longitude: -108.319573400
Elevation: 7299 FT (2225 M)
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