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  Natural Foods Store or Co-op

El Morro Valley Cooperative

Another Happy Shopper with the El Morro Valley Cooperative's Buyer's Alliance - Delivering Healthy Natural Foods into our remote "Food Desert" at only 10% above wholesale price!!
El Morro Valley Cooperative volunteers Jill Acheson and Jim Janko delivering natural food orders to members of our Buyer's Alliance
Buyers' Alliance members  picking up their food orders in El Morro, NM.  We have members from Gallup who drive 100 miles to pickup on this BARGAIN!
Food Oasis in the Desert.  The logo of the El Morro Valley Co-op. There is a real oasis pool at the base of El Morro Bluff that attracted peoples for 1000s of years to travel the Ancient Way through El Morro Valley

The El Morro Valley Cooperative was formed in February 2010 by a group of local residents who are determined to create a community owned, healthy food store to serve our remote, rural community.  The great success of Ramah Farmer’s Market is evidence of growing interest in healthy food options, environmental sustainability, and community self-sufficiency. Residents of the area would no longer have to drive nearly 100 miles round-trip to access a full-service grocery store. A local store will reduce travel expenses, save fuel, and reduce our ecological footprint. It will be a community builder, employer, and meeting place. It would contribute to the local economy by providing a year round market  for local producers and growers, thus keeping money within the community.

 Eco-Friendly Notes

El Morro Valley residents currently must drive 100 miles roundtrip to the nearest full service, healthy grocery store in Gallup, NM. Having a local grocery store will greatly reduce our "carbon footprint" upon the planet.

The El Morro Valley Cooperative is dedicated to supporting local ranchers, farmers and gardeners who utilize sustainable, organic methods of agriculture.

 Locally or Family Owned Business

For More Information, Contact:

El Morro Valley Cooperative
PO Box 581, Ramah, NM 87321
(505) 783-4777

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Latitude: 35.133448300
Longitude: -108.510219500
Elevation: 6897 FT (2102 M)
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