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Tsakurshovi Trading Post

Janice Day Owner of Tsakurshovi
Tsakurshovi Trading Post
Traditional Hopi Katsina dolls, baskets, and ceremonial textiles in the trading post
Katsina dolls
View from Tsakurshovi

Tsakurshovi is a local Hopi owned store located at milepost 381 on highway 264 on top of second mesa in the heart of the Hopi reservation. tsakurshovi trading post has a unique collection of traditional Hopi arts, crafts and cultural items, including baskets, ceremonial textiles, jewelry, pottery and over 200 katsina dolls done in the traditional style. the owner is a basket maker and the other staff are crafts makers as well and share their extensive knowledge of the cultural context of hopi arts and crafts with visitors.

Tsakurshovi also has complete visitor information about local cultural events,lodging options,village tours,archaeology and rock art sites,as well as connections for knowledgeable and articulate guides to make your visit to hopi a memorable,enjoyable,and educational experience. arizona highways magazine called tsakurshovi "the unofficial cultural center" at hopi. a customer once called tsakurshovi an "educational institution masquerading as a retail store".

Seasons Open: Year round

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For More Information, Contact:

Janice day

p.o. box 234, second mesa, AZ 86043

leslie wrote on February 04, 2018: are your Don't Worry Be Hopi tee shirts available. If so, how do I order? Do you also have sweat shirts with that logo?

Maelia and Tom wrote on January 14, 2018: We stopped by Tsakurshovi by chance back in August 2015 while exploring the Second Mesa. It was a great experience, Janice explained a lot about the kachina dolls we were interested in and we even met one of the sculptures, who showed us how the process works and pieces he was working on at the time. We then got chatting to Joe, who explained a lot about the history of the area, Hopi culture, and even took the time to go through a map of the area highlighting places we should visit. We will be going back this year and hope to make use of those suggestions, and will be stopping in at the shop again.

Peter Maronge wrote on April 29, 2016: Don't Worry Buy Hopi. Janice was wonderful to work with. We were able to surreptitiously charge a Spider Woman themed gorgeous silver bracelet to my credit card while my unsuspecting wife oooh'd and aaah'd nearby Janice, she was so surprised tears watered her cheeks. We offered them up to the corn. People if you are in the area and value Hopi craftsmanship, go see Janice and Joe. Good people.

Janice Day wrote on April 06, 2016: I just want to thank all of the customers who left wonderful comments on this page about my shop. We really do try to have the best of what you might be looking for in the way of Hopi arts and crafts and all the information you need to help you have a wonderful visit at Hopi. Thanks again everyone!

Peter Maronge wrote on August 11, 2015: Stopped at Tsakurshovi on a tour and was immediately enchanted by the site and the shop. The intimate browsing area is a feast of Hopi craft. Baskets, kitsinas and silver jewelry. We shopped, bought a few ear-rings for my wife Pat's friends, 2 Don't Worry Be Hopi tees for me, a small Parrot Katsins and several books. She fell in love with an exquisite silver bracelet but she couldn't decide to buy. Libras. This has happened before (sigh). On the trip back to Sedona she said that she wished she had taken the time to at least try that bracelet on. (Big Sigh). I knew we would be going back the next day. We called and talked to Janice. We drove to Tsakurshovi immediately. We bought the bracelet for immediate wear (the bracelet has not been off her arm in 3 days except for sleep) and two pair of exceptionally crafted silver earrings. These are hidden and will reappear as birthday presents. Janice was so helpful. She showed Pat how to get the bracelet on and off without bruising (ask Janice to show you)and polished all the pieces for us. Janice is warm, smart and Joe is a lucky man. Do not go to the Mesas without stopping at Tsakurshovi.

Rayna K Galati wrote on January 01, 2015: Sorry - forgot to leave my email address: I live in Hawaii and am teaching a Native American culture class. I am interested in Kachinas.

Rayna wrote on January 01, 2015: Are Kachinas avaiable to be purchased online?

Kevin Bubriski wrote on July 29, 2014: When I walked into Joe and Janice's shop Joe asked what I might be interested in buying - katchina dol, "Be Hopi" tee-shirt or hat. I jokingly said - "It's so hot today , what I'd really like is vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. Joe asked me to follow him into the house. From the freezer he produced two small cups of vanilla ice cream, one for each of us, and a small plastic jug of maple syrup from the fridge. Over our delightfully refreshing ice cream treats joe pulled from his extensive bookshelves volumes of early Hopi photographs from late 19th and early 20th century. We then watched his copy of "Beyond the Mesa" the documentary on the "split" of Oraibi village. I did buy tee-shirts and a hat late the next day, and plan to buy more for family and friends by phone call and mail. Joe and Janice are delightful!

Richard Santos wrote on June 15, 2014: I spent most of several years in the late 80's and early 90's living out of my truck on the Colorado Plateau - exploring, learning, just simply being in tune with all that is this magical place. Much of my interest was not so much in understanding "the old ones", but rather a tuning-in to the world they lived in. Intellectualism alone can not provide the inspiration to really understand life here, back then... Exposed to both the overly clinical university classroom setting and the then pervasive, reckless new age perspective sweeping the region, I chose to just slip away into the back country and feel for myself whatever I felt, and to simply listen to whoever wanted to talk with me. Decades later I met Joseph and Janice, while working in the context of "guide" (silly idea). I feel I've finally found a true source of wisdom and understanding into this beautiful culture - something I've desired for so long but never really trusted. Visit this store, with an empty cup, a full heart, and just have fun. You may walk away with a new door ajar...

Marc Severson wrote on March 07, 2014: Janice and Joseph are the best -- flat out! I lead tours for twenty years up to the mesas and Tsakurshovi was a required stop!

Rich wrote on January 27, 2014: If you just go to hang out, you'll learn a great deal about the Hopi culture and carving. As a bonus, you'll often meet the carvers as they come in to sell carvings or purchase supplies. And if you start collecting seriously, they are even more helpful.

will wrote on September 06, 2013: I will always remember Priscilla Nampeyo, a kind and gentle, and so very wise friend. She tought me much, most of all was to be silent, and listen, and to "accept" all that life deals us... with respect. "Do Not Fight so Much Willy", she said to me on our last meeting in 1997.

will slee wrote on September 06, 2013: there is only the campsite, our children, and our ponies... and what we have learned from our forefathers, through the whisperings of the Great Spirit.

Marc Severson wrote on August 25, 2013: I lead tours to Hopi from Pima College for twenty years and I can tell you if you go to the mesas and don't stop by Tsakurshovi you are missing out on one of the best opportunities for Hopi information and education available. Don't Worry, Be Hopi!

Scott Ribas wrote on July 16, 2013: I talked to Joe for about an hour and got enough information for a three week vacation. He is a gracious host and it was refreshing to meet such an authentic human being. You made my day. I'll be back.

Lynne Menefee wrote on February 01, 2013: This is a great place, with special people behind the counter. The stories they can tell are as wonderful as the kachinas they sell. It's worth a trip to Arizona just to visit this trading post.

Jacqui Montano wrote on May 29, 2012: I am chair of AAED Tribal Economic Development in Arizona. We have a contingency of 10 coming to visit Hopi Tribal lands June 14-15, 2012 to learn more about art, culture and enterprise. We have been told that a visit with Joe & Janice is a must! We are looking forward to it!

Scott Jaquith wrote on June 20, 2011: Be sure to make Tsakurshovi your first stop when visiting the Hopi Reservation. Janice and Joseph Day will give you tips on where to go and what to see (inside the reservation and out) to make your visit truly enjoyable. Their selection of kachina dolls rivals anything you'll see in Scottsdale or Santa Fe and their prices make the detour well worth the effort. Joseph's genuine interest in archaeology and Native American culture along with Janice's friendliness and sense of humor make a stop at Tsakurshovi a must.

Steve Kopacz wrote on March 12, 2011: If anything the comments below, well all true, are understatements. A visit to Hopi and Tsakurshovi can literally change your life. Joseph and Janice are the real deal, and more interested in ensuring that your experience is enjoyable and authentic than in making a sale... two of the finest people I know. A must stop.

Nathan LeGrand wrote on January 11, 2011: It's TRUE - read all the posted comments and know that it's all true. Janice and Joseph Day create a unique experience for everyone. Whether you are looking for guidance and/or information - current or historical - for the Hopi, information and/or direction for the entire 4-corner area, or looking for authentic art and craft, Tsakurshovi is the place to go. When I traveled to the region in the past, I would always make a point to stop and visit Janice and Joseph, buy art and see what was happening. Now, Tsakurshove is my main purpose of going to the region. SPECIAL TREAT: sometimes something extraordinary awaits you. On one of my recent visits (June/2010) I had a unique opportunity to see and witness part of the seasonal planting of corn in the field that Janice's family has tended for generations. Dry Farming is an art and daily tradition unto itself. The lineage of the corn they plant dates back at least 4000 Years. It was truly a fascinating experience.

Linda Martin wrote on January 08, 2011: Tsakurshovi is a delightful place to stop on the Hopi mesas. It reminds me of those oldtime trading posts that are fast disappearing from the Southwest. Janice and Joseph Day, the proprietors, always have a friendly word and the best information that you'll find in the area. They stock authentic arts and crafts at affordable prices. If you want to know about new and upcoming artists, just spend a little time at Tsakurshovi. You'll see as many local Hopi people saunter into the shop as tourists who happen by. I tell anyone who plans a trip to Hopi to stop at Tsakurshovi for tips on how to behave at dances and what's happening at the different villages. Janice and Joseph will make sure you leave Hopi with a smile on your face!

Bill FishDoctor Clark wrote on January 06, 2011: Stopped there in 2007 and can't thank Joe Day enough for his wise words and advice. I've been meaning to come back, but haven't yet. Joe told me about and sold me the book "In Seach of the Old Ones". Can't thank you enough, Joe. If I had read that book as a young man, I probably would have become an archaeologist instead of ecologist. See you soon Joe, I want to come back at equinox or solstice.

Richard and Libby Wheeler wrote on January 05, 2011: Tsakurshovi is the place to be in order to explore an almost overwhelming array of traditional Hopi arts while experiencing incredible views of the Hopi mesas. The ambiance of the shop is truly reminiscent of an early trading post. It is one of the few places on Hopi where a visitor can obtain informed information about the local events and culture. You are likely to meet anyone at Tskurshovi including Hopi carvers, basket makers, artists, anthropologists, film makers and authors. It is truly at a crossroads of southwestern cultural exchange. Janice welcomes you to the shop with her warm presence and her willingness to share her knowledge with all. Joseph is something amazing to behold as he pulls out his maps, markers, and brochures and plots a magical route filled with beautiful scenery including the "fastest" way to explore sites off the beaten path. Visiting Tsakurshovi is a completely satisfying experience!

Buffalo Barry Walsh wrote on January 05, 2011: Tired after the long drive from Albuquerque or Phoenix, and want to meet real people not schlock merchants? That's the Days who operate the best source of authentic material on Hopiland. Plus, they'll tell you what's happening on the rez, and how to behave so you don't look like a newbie. Plus, the two of them are the funniest people around; even better that those expensive comedy clubs in L.A.

Judy and Phillip Tuwaletstiwa wrote on January 05, 2011: Tsakurshovi is first place one should stop when visiting the Hopi Reservation! Joe will tell you what is happening, where to go, and how to behave. Joe, informative, humorous and wonderfully opinionated, is perfectly balanced by his beautiful, sensitive, soft-spoken wife, Janice. Their small shop contains a very large world of Hopi art. Authentic Kachina Dolls line the walls, hand woven baskets and plaques hang from the ceiling, Hopi silver jewelry and ceramics fill the cases. The world famous "Don't worry, be Hopi" t-shirts, designed by Joe and Janice, sit in bright piles on shelves. Do not miss this experience. Even if you enter the shop travel weary, you will leave it with your spirits lifted.

Adam & Harriet Simons wrote on January 04, 2011: a tiny, wondrful place to learn about Hopi and the Hopi people - everything here is absoluely authentic, more customers are Hopi than visitors- Janice & Joe sell supplies to the carvers and others - you never have to worry about what you buy here

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Latitude: 35.821014600
Longitude: -110.531215700
Elevation: 6298 FT (1920 M)
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