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Iris Herbal Products

Herbalist Cathy Hope in her aromatherapy lab
Iris Herbal Studio
Wildcrafting Arnica cordifolia in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Sample Product
7 Circuit Celtic Labyrinth
Passive Solar Greenhouse exterior
inside the Passive Solar Greenhouse

Name of Person: Cathy Hope


Iris Herbal: locally-made, certified organic, hand-crafted herbal products including salves and tinctures. We offer guided herb walks, as well as a Celtic labyrinth and tours of a passive solar greenhouse.

Full Explanation

Iris Herbal Products (located at the 28 mile marker of NM Hwy 522) has been serving the herbal needs of the neighborhood of Latir/El Rito (as well as tourists who notice the big herb sign and are intrigued) since 1988. The proprietor, Cathy Hope (who has studied herbal medicine since 1977), offers mostly certified organic aromatherapy oils and products (salves, perfumes, and combinations for bath, massage, and energy work) herbal tinctures, and incense, as well as nutritional consultations and supplements. All salves and tinctures are hand-made in small batches, often with wild-crafted or home-grown ingredients. The business is open most days and often “after hours” for locals and visitors needing emergency cold and flu and altitude sickness products.

Also on site are a 7 circuit Celtic labyrinth and a passive solar greenhouse (both were partially built with local community volunteer labor). These are open to the public by appointment and free of charge (if you want a tour of the greenhouse, donations are accepted).

During the summer months Cathy offers groups (2-8 folks) guided tours near Red River (North of Taos, NM). You’ll want to bring your camera (and your lunch) on this fun, informative, three-hour herb walk along a beautiful canyon stream.

Call toll free 877-286-2970 to schedule and for more information.

For More Information, Contact:

Passive Solar Greenhouse Project

Cathy Hope
HC 81 Box 640, 3204 NM State Hwy 522, Questa, NM 87556
575-586-1802 · toll-free 877-286-2970

Gari Stein wrote on January 17, 2011: Cathy and her Iris Herbal Products are about as good as it gets. I have been working with Cathy for way over 10 years. She is always available and generous with her time whenever I have a question, which is often. She is knowledgeable and kind, the real deal. She opened a whole new world journeying me through menopause and beyond with her wonderful herbal tinctures. I would call with a symptom and she knew just what I needed. One of my favorite products is the Chamomile-Calendula-Confrey Creme. I have a jar in every room of my house and have given to countless folks. I most recently gave it as a Christmas gift to an instructor who is quite older than I. I had not known her long and wasn't sure if she would like it, but that concern was calmed when I received a thank you note in the mail. "...thank you so much for the jar of hand cream...I love it. Even after washing up a lot of baking tins, bowls, measures, etc., the cream makes my hands so smooth. Wonderful stuff. I would like to have more." Now mind you, who writes thank you notes anymore? The creme de la creme, as they say, was her closure. "Lovingly...." That says it all. The CCC creme, as I refer to it, made someone I barely know, refer to me lovingly. That made my day. Everyone I give this creme to has the same reaction. It's great "stuff" for any skin care needs. When I am with my grandchildren, I am constantly running after them with my jar of CCC creme. Now the 10 year old has asked for her own jar. So this has turned into more than a comment. Cathy has gone from a business associate to a member of my family. I am truly grateful to have her in my life. She is a national treasure. Thank you Cathy for all you give and all I have received.

Pamela Daniele wrote on January 10, 2011: The quality of Iris Herbal products is created from the moment Cathy places her intention of the healing properties of each product. The gift of her work and the quality of her offerings has supported my wellness for years. The guidance Cathy offers to enhance the wellness of each client is remarkable. I am grateful for her healing gifts.

Catherine Barretta, Long Island, New York wrote on December 21, 2010: I was lucky to have found Cathy many years ago and she provides me with a tincture to prevent swelling. As the years have gone by I have been also able to call for advise and reccomendations for myself and my loving dog, Cooper. I feel confident and trust in every product that Iris Herbals provides to me.

Steve Moe, Breathworker, Massage Therapist - Rhinelander WI wrote on December 17, 2010: It's such a pleasure to offer this little gift back to Cathy. My wish is that many others will find her and her offerings to the world! I have used Cathy's products professionally for many years. When I think of Iris Herbals I feel deep trust, connection to the earth, a deep understanding of our connection to plants, quality, integrity, timeliness... and on and on!!!! Thanks Cathy for all you do!

Rhonda Chase, Health Joint Denver, Colorado wrote on December 13, 2010: Cathy's knowledge of herbology, tinctures and salves is priceless and I was very glad to have consulted her about our business possibilities. Besides she is just fabulous and what a great opportunity to see the way plants and people are connected!

Barbara A. Tracy ND, MI wrote on December 13, 2010: Cathy has been preparing the herbal combinations for all of my clients for 1.5 years now. The thoroughness and the precision with which she prepares these combinations is very important and Cathy does a great job.I have been with her on herb hunts and her knowledge of plants and their energetics is very impressive. I always enjoy stepping into her herb studio just to get a wiff of the lovely herbs present.

Elaine Mueller, RN, HN-BC wrote on December 12, 2010: I have known Cathy since the beginning of Iris Herbal Products and then some. She continues to amaze me with her ability to stay on the cutting edge of herbs and healing. I trust her products and appreciate the respect she gives to the plants as well as her customers. Her enthusiastic personality is sure to touch the hearts of all who meet her.

WindSong Rhinelander Wi. wrote on December 11, 2010: I feel so fortunate to have found Iris Herbals on line..I am a massage therapist making my own massage lotions for the past 4 years..Cathy is so knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoy calling on the tele to put my order in, so that Cathy can share with me her new finds on guality products and prices...I will be going to see her in person one of these days with great enthusiasm...

ben haggard wrote on December 11, 2010: cathy's gardens and herbal apothecary are the real deal. cathy is the first person i contact when i need good information about herbal remedies. and her workshops on herbs and essential oils have always been fun and memorable. whenever i am in the area i bring friends to see her place and to enjoy her warm and lively hospitality. i'm so glad that she's decided to make her property available to a larger audience. wrote on December 10, 2010: I have used Iris Herbals products for years to support my retreat programs with coaching clients. Her products are high level quality with excellent service. Helene Van Manen Master Certified Coach

Dimid Hayes wrote on December 10, 2010: I have known Cathy Hope for over 30 years and she is ALWAYS one of my first go-to people when I have a question about complimentary health and wellness. She is extremely well read, fastidious, big-hearted and a hoot to hang out with. Anyone traveling through the Four Corners area wanting to have an authentic experience need look no further. She's a wise woman, a healer, a teacher and a friend-for-life to all she meets.

Kathleen Krupar wrote on December 10, 2010: As the owner of an aromatherapy storefront and Massage Therapist, I am happy to say that as soon as I tried Herbal Iris products, I stopped my search for the BEST aromatherapy products! I have been using Cathy's line for well over a decade. Personally and professionally, you will not find a higher quality of purity,love and dedication then Cathy and Herbal Iris! Both my clients and I are LOVE Cathy AND her Aromatherapy products!!!

jebbie wrote on December 09, 2010: cathy has been mailing out her awesome herbal tinctures and oils to me and several of my friends who do healing work. the vibrational frequency of the oils and tinctures is very high, so they so their work quickly. the prices are excellent, and i recommend them to anyone and everyone. cathy is a master at preparation of thes herbal products.

Jamie Ash wrote on December 09, 2010: I found this a very interesting place to visit. I loved seeing what is growing in the passive solar greenhouse. And it is fascinating to see where Cathy makes her products. I would highly recommend a visit.

Maria Mikhailas LMT wrote on December 09, 2010: I have been purchasing Iris Herbal products for my massage and anointing practice for years. Cathy is a genius at blending essential oils. Her formulas have far surpassed other nationally known brands in freshness, potency, and effectiveness, and I have been practicing bodywork for over 20 years.

lisa hartouni wrote on December 09, 2010: This is great! I swear by Iris Herbal Products: Cathy Hope and her assistance to me over the course of ten years has been unmeasurable .

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Latitude: 36.815744000
Longitude: -105.586209300
Elevation: 7725 FT (2355 M)
Cathy Hope
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Cathy Hope
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