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Featured Places Recommended by Locals

Kiva Fireplace in Kokopelli's Cave

Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Continental Breakfast

 Outdoor Adventures
Fishing the San Juan River

San Juan River Quality Waters

 Museum, Theater,...
Sheridan Opera House

Sheridan Opera House

 Action Opportunities

Be more than a passive traveler. Opportunities to volunteer and make a difference.

Bloomfield Fire Station 1

Bloomfield Fire Department

Volunteer Opportunity

The community rallies for the raising of the bell tower on the newly painted Old School Gallery

El Morro Valley Community

Community Involvement

 Festival or Event

Experience the real voices of this region through the many festivals and events.

Race Day Prep.

Chama Chile Ski Classic

01/13/2018 - 01/15/2018

Chama Days

Chama Days

08/09/2018 - 08/12/2018

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